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I’m one of those unique individuals who is highly analytic, organized, detailed AND creative.

I’ve been the wearer of many hats at every place I’ve ever worked. More recently, I’ve worked over five years at a small family-owned product design firm after over 10 years as a technology business analyst / project manager. As these things tend to go, where there are very few employees but lots of work to do, I became a creative director. I define that as a thinker who also knows how to do. Because I used to have to plan, promote, manage, design, direct and produce my vision, I think about the logic of it first. And because I’m a very detailed, organized, and a perfectionist, I won’t go anywhere without a goal and a message. To persuade or to sell something requires more than one sense, and more than anything, it requires clarity of message and need. Also important to product sales are empathy and honesty. Empathy means you work hard to understand the vantage point of the people you’re selling to. People are often looking for specific things and the product you have may be just what they are seeking. Or maybe it is just too good of a value for them to pass up. How you talk to them and persuade them emotionally is everything.

Design isn’t rocket science; it’s in service to what you want to sell. I help you to articulate it so it’s understood by everyone who sees your product. The design, and how it romanticizes your product to the customer, all flow from that (and I do that part, too.)

But at its heart, design is not ornamentation but communication.

This site includes some examples of artwork programs and other projects I’ve produced or been involved with over the years. While the work shown here is visible, it’s harder to show the thinking behind these programs (for many I was also closely involved in the design and development of the products themselves). For that story, you may just need to drop me a line.

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